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About Us

Global Conveyor Systems (GCS) has comprehensive industry experience and knowledge, and understands the need for specialized applications to convey and/or elevate products in the processing, storing, and general handling of grains and other bulk materials such as aggregates, biomass, cement, coal, fertilizer, sugar, wood pellets, etc.


Our GCS team members have a proven track record of providing state-of-the-art application design and customized conveying solutions, including complete detailed drawings that will allow for an efficient manufacturing and easy installation, which in turn will boost your productivity and maintain competitiveness.


We specialize in designing the following conveyor systems:


  1. Horizontal and then curved up to 90-degree conveyors

  2. Self-cleaning round-bottom conveyors

  3. Horizontal or vertical loop conveyors

  4. Two-way or reversing conveyors

  5. Chain or belt bucket elevators

  6. Vapor tight conveyors for oil-seeds extracting plants

  7. Hour-glass single roller belt conveyor

  8. Air-supported belt conveyor


We have developed strong relationships throughout the industry and we can quote, procure, and expedite many conveyor components of different top brands with competitive price, superior quality, and outstanding service


Mission and Principles



To provide superior conveyor design and functionality that will exceed our customers’ expectation in quality and service



To support our mission we embrace the following values and principles:

  1. Consistency: we promise consistent delivery of the  excellent quality and service at all times

  2. Continuous Improvement: we keep up with the latest innovations and technology to enhance our quality and service

  3. Integrity: we adhere to the highest ethical standard and always honor our commitments

  4. Quality: we use Total Quality Management (TQM) in all our process to assure superior quality and service

  5. Respect and Trust: we genuinely interact with our people and customers. We treat all customers fairly and responsibly



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